Opinions On Taking A Knee Stir At Oakland Raiders Game

It’s initial meaning was to draw attention to police brutality and injustice to people of color but due to misinterpretations and smear tactics the message has been watered down a bit to some. The Al Dro Show reports to the Oakland Raiders game to ask some of the fans to see if that message has been lost and what they would take a knee on in life in general.

This video is gives testament to the variety of people you come across at the melting pot which is a OAKLAND Raiders game. While nuances vary in opinion there is one core sentiment that all fans share and that is unity. From NFL moms to possibly a few undocumented workers to soldiers, radio hosts, youths, it’s all in here and they all have a voice. As a 49er fan I will at least give the OAKLAND Raiders fans that. What would you take that knee on? Injustice? Social media? Bad kids?  Like/Share


Hosted by comedians Jose Contreras (@jclikejesus) & Lucky Dollazz (@luckydollazz)


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