Watch Ricco Da Great Comedy Special For The First Time

ricco da great btwons finest cover

From Berkeley, California by way of Sacramento, check out some LIVE performances and behind the scenes moments from one of comedy’s RISING STARS in his first FULL-LENGTH comedy feature “B-Town’s Finest”. Ricco Da Great has that raw and hilariously unapologetic commentary on life with a knack for storytelling, He is

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Ep1: Usher Let’s It Burn. R Kelly At It Again. OJ Granted Parole

the al dro show ep1 simpson usher kelly

The Al Dro Show is back on the airwaves again after a lengthy hiatus.  Old habits are hard to break so here goes ep1: Simpson Usher Kelly.  OJ Simpson gets granted parole, Usher is letting it burn and R Kelly is up to his usual mischief again. Check out the

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